SEMEQ Online asset monitoring: why it is essential for a high-performance plant


Online asset monitoring: the reason why it is essential for a high-performance plant

Online asset monitoring

Online asset monitoring in an industrial plant is an important solution to ensure reliability and operational efficiency.

Technology is used to collect real-time data from equipment and systems, enabling failure detection and preventive maintenance planning. It is possible to reduce downtime, decrease costs with corrective maintenance, extend the useful life of equipment, and increase worker safety.

Another benefit is that asset monitoring allows more precise management of resources, such as energy and materials, resulting in greater efficiency and reduced operating costs.

This article explains online asset monitoring and its advantages for the production plant. Besides that, you will learn about the importance of the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud storage in this process.

What is online monitoring?

Online asset monitoring tracks through sensors that collect information such as energy consumption, temperature, and vibration. This data is sent to a platform before being analyzed and turned into graphs about machine performance.

Benefits of online asset monitoring

Among the main advantages of implementing online monitoring in your factory are the following: 

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduction of unexpected failures
  • Increased control
  • Improved useful life
  • Increased reliability
  • Automation of maintenance processes

How do IoT and cloud storage support online monitoring?

The Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud storage offer several benefits to online asset monitoring, making the process more efficient, reducing expenses, and automating tasks.

To begin with, IoT contributes with smart sensors so that data from equipment is collected for the benefit of its conservation. This happens in real-time so teams can respond accurately to potential signs of failure.

Your business can store data without a physical space with cloud technology. Network connectivity allows information to be stored in the cloud. As a result, they are stored in protected facilities and away from the industrial plant.

To learn more about Predictive Monitoring Technology, click here:

Increase your business profitability with SEMEQ’s Digital Predictive Monitoring

Monitor your industrial plant 24/7 with Semeq

With one of the most efficient sensors on the market, Semeq is a reference in online asset monitoring. The company was founded in 1994 and is present in 40 countries worldwide. Altogether, we are 300 staff members working to maximize profitability and reduce operating costs in industrial plants.

How do we monitor your assets?

The online monitoring process starts with installing sensors that can identify asset behavior. Data is then collected and stored with the help of cloud connectivity.

The next step is data processing, with the support of artificial intelligence, which provides the best insights to maintenance teams. The processed data is further analyzed by Semeq’s team of experts, who are highly trained and qualified to ensure the quality of the diagnoses.

What tools do we use to monitor your assets?

Semeq offers a complete range of asset monitoring sensors to inspect your plant machinery in full time automatically.

Wireless vibration sensors

Semeq’s wireless vibration sensors monitor critical equipment and allow monitoring of points in dangerous and inaccessible locations. With this, your factory ensures the analysis of oscillations present during the operation of the machines, checking for potential failures.

Wireless temperature sensors

In addition, Semeq has temperature sensors. Through online monitoring, teams can take repair measures without the need to affect productivity due to machine downtime.

Oil analysis

Another important sensor is the one responsible for oil analysis. In this way, it is possible to take care of the preservation of the equipment and the conservation in ideal conditions for use. In addition, this analysis reduces spending on unnecessary oil changes.

Acoustic emission analysis

Semeq also analyzes the acoustic emission of the machines. The system is able to detect the degradation process through sound waves emitted by the assets.

Motor circuit analysis

Motor circuit analysis identifies problems caused by errors in the installation of power circuits. With our sensors, you can follow up on this type of failure, ensuring the fastest correction.

My Semeq

My Semeq is a fast and modern system for viewing your industrial plant’s results. The system has management, analysis, and reliability tools.

In this way, your company can access integrated reports to facilitate diagnoses and optimize results management. Users can still customize and access the dashboard in more than ten languages.

The platform is also available on different devices. You can access data from your computer or smartphone to simplify information management.

What results can we achieve?

With our solutions, your business reduces machine breakdowns by up to 90%. Otherwise, the increase in equipment life reaches 60%. The reduction in planning time can reach 70%, and the increase in time between failures can approach 60%.

Who trusts Semeq?

Semeq monitors 500 factories around the world. Among the companies that trust our solutions are:

  • Gerdau
  • JBS
  • Heineken
  • Bayer
  • Unilever
  • Ultragaz
  • Coke
  • AB InBev

Talk to our specialists and have guaranteed protection for your plant.

Did you like to learn what online monitoring is and what are the benefits of using this technology?

So, take the opportunity to ensure the protection of your industrial plant today! Visit our contact page, fill in the details, and send a message to speak with our specialists.

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