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Why Your Industrial Operation Needs Real-Time Predictive Machine Performance Monitoring

In industrial settings, machines are very important. They do the hard work of manufacturing products and handling automation tasks. But did you know that machines need maintenance too? Just like a car, industrial machines can break down if not taken care of properly through routine maintenance and real-time monitoring.


Predictive maintenance is a smart way to keep machines running smoothly. It uses special machine performance monitoring services, wireless sensors, and software to check on machine performance. These services watch for any problems before they lead to malfunctioning and then failure. That way, maintenance can be done at the right time to prevent bigger issues.


This blog post explains why predictive maintenance through machine monitoring is so valuable. We’ll cover the major advantages it provides industries across sectors.

Real-Time Tracking

One key advantage of industrial monitoring solutions is real-time tracking. Special sensors are placed on machines to constantly measure things like temperature, vibration, pressure and more. The machine data is monitored by software that looks for any unusual readings.


For example, say a machine’s vibration levels get too high. That could mean a bearing is going abnormal and needs replacement soon before it causes the machine to break down.


The real-time monitoring alerts the team when readings go outside the normal ranges. This allows them to inspect the machine and fix small issues before they turn into expensive maintenance!

Workflow Improvements

Over 80% of companies have faced unplanned downtime due to machine failures in recent years. Downtime is very costly and disruptive to workflows.


Industrial monitoring solutions help optimize workflows by predicting machinery issues ahead of time. This allows maintenance to be scheduled during already-planned stoppages rather than unexpected breakdowns.


Let’s look at a cement mill for example. These big mills grind rock into the powder that becomes cement. A monitoring system tracks things like the mill’s motor current, vibration, temperature, material flow, and more.


If motor current starts rising abnormally, it may signal a blockage or mechanical fault. Without monitoring, this could burn out the motor and cause a fire hazard! But the system alerts teams to check on the issue before an emergency shutdown is required.


With predictive insights, cement makers can schedule the perfect time for maintenance that avoids disrupting the entire workflow. This maximizes productivity and efficiency.

Improved Safety

Another key benefit of machine performance monitoring services is improved workplace safety. Monitoring helps stop dangerous situations before they can occur.


For example, if a motor’s temperature readings are too high, it could mean lubrication problems that lead to overheating and fire risks. The early alerts give teams a chance to shut it down and fix the issues safely.


Real-Time Monitoring also reduces the need for major repairs by catching small faults early. This minimizes situations where technicians have to make complex, high-risk repairs under time pressure before serious failures happen.


In simple words, real-time machine performance monitoring helps keep both equipment and people safe throughout manufacturing facilities.

Higher Product Quality

Nobody wants to buy low-quality or defective products. That’s why monitoring machine performance is so important for quality control.


Monitoring systems integrate with quality systems to capture data from all machines and sensors. By analyzing this data, they can identify any machine faults or deviations that could lead to quality issues in the final products.


Let’s say a plastic injection molding machine’s temperature is reading too low. This means the plastic won’t flow properly, resulting in defective parts. Monitoring software can automatically pause the line and alert quality teams before a whole batch of pool-quality products gets manufactured.


With this level of monitoring, manufacturers can ensure consistent high quality by immediately addressing anything that could negatively impact production quality.

Better Equipment Reliability

Monitoring also contributes to overall better reliability for all manufacturing machinery and assets. It enables true condition-based predictive maintenance.


Instead of routine maintenance at fixed intervals, which may be too soon or too late, monitoring data reveals the precise condition of each machine. This way, maintenance gets scheduled only when actually required based on equipment health.


For example, analyzing bearing vibration trends predicts when replacements are needed. The right spares and labor can be prepared to swap out the failing bearings during a scheduled downtime window. No unexpected breakdowns!


This condition-based approach ensures maintenance actions directly target the areas that need attention most. It eliminates unnecessary maintenance while also preventing untimely failures. The result is maximum reliability, uptime, and asset lifespan for all machines.


In summary, deploying machine performance monitoring services provides manufacturing companies incredible value through:


  • Real-time machine health tracking
  • Optimized maintenance workflows
  • Improved workplace safety
  • Consistent high product quality
  • Maximum equipment reliability and uptime


With all these benefits, predictive maintenance through industrial monitoring solutions is an absolute must-have for any modern manufacturing operation.


Don’t let unexpected machine failures, unplanned downtime, quality issues, and safety risks plague your facility. Stay one step ahead by investing in a proven machine monitoring platform today. Your operations, maintenance teams, and entire business will thrive!

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