Sensor for predictive maintenance for critical assets

High Temperature Sensor


  • Indicated to measure high temperatures (up to 160º C)
  • Kit with 4 (four) temperature measuring points.
  • Box with wireless communication via Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.1
  • Long Life Battery
  • Sensor active after battery expiration (long life). Just change it!
  • IoT Device
  • Degree of Protection: IP 67
  • Measures contact temperature.


  • Ideal for monitoring compressor valve temperature.
  • Valves, manifolds, piping, sleeve bearings, etc.
  • Detection of early failures related to temperature variations.
<h3>Four Measurement Points in a Single Sensor</h3>

Four Measurement Points in a Single Sensor

The sensor has four prongs, allowing measurement at four points with a single device and providing comprehensive and efficient coverage.

<h4>Temperature Correlation with Other Variables</h4>

Temperature Correlation with Other Variables

This allows temperature measurements to be correlated with other machine variables, providing a complete overview of the operating state and making it easier to identify potential problems.

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High Temperature Sensor

High Temperature Sensor

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