Sensor for predictive maintenance for critical assets

Current Sensor


  • Voltage ranging from 100 to 240 VAC at a
    frequency of 50 to 60Hz
  • Remotely editable parameters via an interface,
    such as its transmission cadence.
  • Over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates, meaning
    the device can be kept up to date remotely
  • MEASURE button, allowing the user to manually
    trigger a measurement and sensor transmission
  • Wireless communication via Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.1 – (BLE 5.1)


  • Compressors, Centrifuges, Main Drive Motors in general


Avoids direct contact with the live power line, eliminating the need to open panels for conventional inspections. This protects employees from risks associated with current transformers (CTs) and other components.

<h4>Different Readings and Conditions</h4>

Different Readings and Conditions

This feature offers online measurements at other times of machine operation, capturing information under various loads and speeds and providing a complete overview of the equipment’s performance.

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Current Sensor

Current Sensor

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