Sensor for predictive maintenance for critical assets

AXON HD Vibration & Internal Trigger


  • Wait for the machine to “wake up” to perform the measurement.
  • Heavy Duty – Extreme resistant to chemical attacks, water and dust
  • Triaxial
  • FFT, Envelope, Time Wave, and Global Level
  • Frequency Response: 10 kHz
  • Wireless communication via Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.1
  • Long-lasting and replaceable battery
  • IOT Device
  • Protection Degree: IP 69 K


  • Industrial Pumps, Fans, Reducers, Compressors, Electric Motors, Machine Tools, Turbines
  • Early fault detection in bearings and gearboxes
<h3>Acceleration-Based Reading Range Customization</h3>

Acceleration-Based Reading Range Customization

Allows the reading range to be adjusted according to specific needs, ensuring accurate and relevant measurements.

<h4>Customization of the Interval Between Measurements</h4>

Customization of the Interval Between Measurements

Offers flexibility to define the time interval between measurements, adapting to the monitoring requirements of each piece of equipment.

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AXON HD Vibration & Internal Trigger

AXON HD Vibration & Internal Trigger

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