SEMEQ Industry predictive service: increase the useful life of your machinery with SEMEQ


Industry predictive service: increase the useful life of your machinery with SEMEQ 

Predictive, preventive, and corrective maintenance services are crucial for properly functioning industrial parks with uninterrupted production. That is why monitoring has advanced over decades regarding production and data accuracy.

In SEMEQ, we have developed technologies with our professional team to offer better and better predictive monitoring services. Nowadays, we have control software, smart data collection sensors, oil analysis laboratories, and a team of experts to create advanced algorithms with artificial intelligence.

This article presents the benefits of predictive services for industries and why SEMEQ is the best choice for those who want industrial plants free of contingencies.

What are the impacts caused by equipment wear in industrial plants?

For a company to be efficient in its production process, it needs to have maximum control over the factors that affect its production. After all, machine failures can compromise their useful life and lead to downtime in the production process, generating huge losses for companies.

When equipment presents wear in parts or mechanical failures, this causes a series of losses, such as

  • Expenses with replacement parts;
  • Expenses with repair labor;
  • Unexpected production stops;
  • Machine downtime;
  • Decrease the productive potential of the industrial plant;
  • Expenses with more energy consumption;
  • Compromised final product quality;
  • Lack of machine availability.

How does the predictive monitoring service work around these challenges?

According to consultancy McKinsey & Company, predictive maintenance service increases the availability of a production line by up to 15% and can also reduce maintenance costs by up to 25%.

An efficient predictive service for industries helps to avoid unnecessary downtime, thus increasing operational efficiency and productivity and reducing costs. In addition, it helps to prevent further damage, extend component life, and improve machine reliability.

To make this possible, sensors installed on the machines or data collectors are used, which can work offline and online. These sensors and collectors can measure the equipment’s vibration, thermography, and ultrasound conditions, ensuring that any abnormal movement is identified before failure occurs.

In addition to smart sensors, predictive monitoring in Industry 4.0 also uses software capable of storing large amounts of data, providing valuable information for analyzing machine conditions.

Perform predictive monitoring of your equipment with SEMEQ

SEMEQ is a prestigious predictive monitoring company in the market. We monitor equipment online or offline, ensuring the availability of machines in your industrial plant.

Based on our experience of almost 30 years, we know the exact requirements for remote monitoring of your machines and ensuring the continuity of your production line.

In addition, we also practice traditional monitoring with equipment oil analysis, and we count on an internal team of experts to build highly competitive sensors integrated with the most advanced machines in the market.

Learn about the differentials which make SEMEQ a leader in the market.

Detection of all failure modes

SEMEQ’s intelligent online vibration sensor detects more than 50 potential modes of electrical and mechanical faults. Vibration analysis and temperature analysis can cover 100% of potential failure modes.

Integrated monitoring (online and offline)

SEMEQ performs the integrated monitoring of equipment, combining online monitoring through smart sensors and offline monitoring with traditional data collection for laboratory analysis.

So, we can monitor your equipment 100% for the predictability of potential failures, keeping the machine at its maximum efficiency.

Experts with experience in detecting failures. 

With more than 29 years of experience, SEMEQ has the expertise of professionals specialized in detecting failures and generating insights to increase the productivity of your equipment.

Presence in 40 countries

SEMEQ has over 300 employees and more than 500 monitored factories in its portfolio, with a presence in 40 countries.

Experience in more than 10 segments

Industries from the most diverse sectors significantly gain from online and offline monitoring. The predictive service can be applied to engines, electrical power systems, boilers, steam system components, transformers, gearboxes, and refrigeration systems, among other equipment.

Find out how we carry out predictive monitoring in your industrial park


In the lab, Artificial Intelligence technology sifts and points out the probability of some parts failing in the machines. Remote and traditional monitoring techniques, such as vibration studies and lubricating oil analysis, are used to evaluate the condition of the equipment.

The choice of the most appropriate technique depends on the type of machine and the needs of each industry. Based on this diagnosis, it is possible to map which equipment will most likely fail in the customer’s plant.

Fusion of techniques

Another differential of SEMEQ is the possibility of working with several combined techniques. This is because each use of multiple techniques allows better detection of failures.

Therefore, we use a combination of predictive approach techniques to increase the accuracy of our analyses.

For example, to identify the problem in a gearbox, we can do a vibration analysis and combine it with an oil analysis. This mixture of techniques further enhances the ability to detect problems.

Talk to our consultants and avoid failures 

SEMEQ helps your industry to define which equipment should be monitored, which predictive techniques should be applied, and what monitoring cadence should be used.

Talk to our consultants

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