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No breaks, longer life, better performance of your machines.

Reach the best Predictive Maintenance.


Our Sensors for Industry 4.0

Based on our wide predictive maintenance experience, we know the exact requisites of a good sensor

Reach dangerous and inaccessible measure points;

Avoid operational or maintenance deviation becoming a problem;

Discover harmful operating conditions;

Explore 100% of the machine's component useful life;

Schedule machine maintenance with more precision.

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Vibration & Temperature

Detect every possible failure with our broad frequency range, including ball bearings and gears failures


Detect failures in low speed ball bearings and steam traps

Humidity & Temperature

Reduce failures in automation eletrical panels

Sensor Fusion Gateway

Through our sensor fusion gateways store in the cloud both data of our sensors and your control systems

Expand your database!

Analyse Information


Artificial Intelligence

You don't have to wait for your machine to fail so Artificial Intelligence can learn.
Our Artificial Intelligence algorithms have been learning with a data base generated for 15 years from more than 60,000 machines analyzed per month.

Take the initiative toward the next step.

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Our Artificial Intelligence algorithms indicate defective machines so your team of analysts can focus attention to solve problems.



Besides knowing when your machine needs attention learn what to do to fix it.

Technique Fusion


Have an integrated analysis of all predictive techniques to know all machine defects and their root cause, improving your performance indicators.

Prescriptive Maintenance


Go beyond failures diagnosis, generate insights to avoid them and change the future.

Manage Results


Business Intelligence

We analyze the diagnostics generated by the analysis using data mining, data science and statistics tools, achieving fundamental insights so that the predictive is a transforming agent of results in your business

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Our report delivery platform. A one-stop for all predictive techniques results anywhere you are; through desktop or smartphone.

Better monitoring of the predictive process and its indicators

Integrated reports
Results Management
Customized dashboard

ERP Integration

Optimize your maintenance processes by integrating our report delivery platform with your ERP.

Automatic service orders

Quick and consistent feedbacks

Tracking of the maintenance process

Guarantee of the execution of reports

Corporate Approach

Have a predictive maintenance program for all your corporation's plants with equity, transparency, accountability and corporate responsability. Our team of reliability engineers and Business Intelligence algorithms help you to manage knowledge between your plants, detecting opportunities to make predictive maintenance promote effective corporate results.

Our Hands-On Services

Our worldwide inspectors network, additionally with our sensors, works part time or full time at your plant to collect data, samples and images.
Improve your labor force with our expert inspectors team

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You collect the data with our mobile app or data collector and we take care of the analysis and management.
Reduce measurement cost, measure 100% of the route, and increase the PdM knowledge of your team.

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Vibration Analysis

Detects 50+ potencial electric and mechanical failure modes.

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Motor Circuit Analysis

Paired with vibration analysis, covers 100% of potencial failure modes in electric motors and their power circuit.

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Oil Analysis

We have our own oil analysis laboratory, which indicates solutions to problems of contamination and oil life and abnormal wear of industrial equipment and automotive vehicles.

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Thermography Analysis

Prevents power interruption and fires; detects mechanical failures in rotating and static equipment; and saves energy.

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Ultrasound Survey

Saves energy in compressed air, steam and vacuum systems; detects failures in low speed bearings and valves; and detects problems in electrical substation.

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Our team of experts draws up the lubrication plan, manages the lubrification room, and applies lubricants to extend the life of your machines.