PDM Operational Excellence

The advantage of Semeq’s well-defined process is that it allows monitoring each step, ensuring that Predictive Maintenance delivers the strategic results established while facilitating the rapid identification of bottlenecks and deviations to be corrected.


Our Platform allows a dynamic interaction with the maintainer, in which he can give feedback and evaluate the data Before and After the Intervention, ensuring the return of the equipment to normal conditions of use.


The Moment of Truth happens when the maintainer executes the recommendations suggested by Semeq.


The Semeq system automatically generates detailed service orders within the customer’s maintenance management software (ERP/CMMS/SAP and others), facilitating the planning of interventions and monitoring maintenance routines. All our reports clearly define what needs to be done and when.


SEMEQ’s Prescription goes beyond the simple issuance of a report. Our team of experts performs a field inspection to understand the operational context of the equipment, check its history, and determine practical blocking actions for that failure.


At this stage, Semeq participates actively in the decision-making process. From repair, adjustment to operating conditions, and maintenance routines to significant design changes.


Go beyond failure diagnosis, generate insights to avoid them, and change the future.



You will have a more comprehensive view of the actual condition of your equipment with Semeq Integration; you access and compare all the results within the context of a one-page report. Different techniques complement each other and direct a more precise intervention, better assessing the failure stage and clarifying the cause-and-consequence relationship.


Semeq combines the knowledge and experience of experts in predictive analytics and data scientist through an innovative analysis center.


Our AI team members analyze your data and alarms continuously, instantly indicating specific failures, classifying them in the degree of severity and evolution, and generating reports automatically. Obviously, all this is supervised 24 /7 by Semeq’s highly trained and skilled analysts, ensuring the quality and accuracy of your diagnoses.


Our AI considers the history of your equipment & international standards and compares it with similar equipment in various industry sectors. You do not need to wait for your machine to fail for Artificial Intelligence to learn. Our algorithms learn from a database that has been built for 15 years. There are more than 100,000 machines analyzed monthly!


Data Collect

We offer complete monitoring of your equipment, using in a combined and optimized way all traditional and innovative predictive techniques online or offline, remotely or on-site.

Mastering the most modern predictive techniques, sensors, and integration protocols, Semeq starts by mapping and collecting the data available in your plant (servomotors, PLCs, Smart Drivers, VFD, Soft starters, HMI, Ladder, Industrial Historians, Industrial Networks, Data Lakes, MQTT, Clouds via API, Offline Inspection Routes, CMMS, etc.), complementing the monitoring with IoT sensors and offline monitoring techniques: oil analysis, ultrasound, thermography, motor circuit analysis, and others.

But wait! Semeq will help you determine the correct data to be monitored, complementing the possible gaps so that you can transform all data into value in your technical and financial decision-making, ensuring the desired reliability of your critical equipment.